[Translate to Englich:] Philip Glass/The Poet Acts: Erich Oskar Huetter/cello, Armin Egger/guitar

Philip Glass/The Poet Acts (Erich Oskar Huetter & Armin Egger)

Here is a beautiful video of a wonderful CD production that was recorded and mixed in our studio this year: Philip Glass - The Poet Acts (Arrangement for cello and guitar by Erich Oskar Huetter and Armin Egger)

  • Erich Oskar Huetter: cello
  • Armin Egger: Guitar
  • Grilli Pollheimer: Sounds
  • Jakob Gretler: Video
  • Tanja Schmid: Dance

CD "L´heure exquise" - Music for cello and guitar by Gulda/Massenet/Glass/Elgar/Hahn/Villa-Lobos/Paganini/Granados/Debussy/Fauré

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