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With over 20 years of experience in a wide variety of genres from classical to rock to hip hop, Green Lobster Recording Studios are known for lush, deep and organic-sounding productions. Our recording studios feature great acoustics with a cozy atmosphere and full natural light. An extensive collection of vintage microphones and equipment make us the ideal partner for your music production needs. Two fully equipped and acoustically-optimized control rooms and two recording rooms can also be rented in any combination for your own productions. We believe in the magic of the moment and that it is best experienced with analogue audio processing. Therefore, we are one of the few facilities still able to record, mix and master 100% in the analogue domain - but we are of course happy to work digitally, using high-end converters and plug-ins (best of both worlds). Contact us for a personal offer!


Sandgasse 39, 8010 Graz, AUSTRIA


Green Lobster Recording Studios Telefunken U47

Telefunken U47

Are you looking for the richest and fullest sound to record your vocals? We got you covered: The…

[Translate to Englich:] Wurlitzer_Model_200A

Wurlitzer Model 200A ...

We are very happy to announce that we now have a Wurlitzer Model 200A electric piano in our studios!…

[Translate to Englich:] Vasilis_Nalbantis_Elispis_Quintett_recording_into_the_void

Full House Recording...

Last recording of 2021... We had an great week with a fullhouse recording and a video shoot in our…

[Translate to Englich:] lynx aurora(n) converter

Lynx Aurora(n)...

Big gear update: we invested in new high end converters and future mixes and recordings will be…

[Translate to Englich:] Yamaha C3

Yamaha C3 Grand Piano ...

We have replaced our beloved upright piano from Young Chang with a Yamaha C3 grand piano in…

[Translate to Englich:] neuer-studiotisch-in-regie-b

New Studio Desk in Regie...

Regie B now features a new large-scale custom studio desk from Curuxa Customs. A direct view into…

[Translate to Englich:] GDDG_dual_Stream

GDDG Dual Live Stream ...

Experimental and unique "Dual Stream" live experience following this year's "Game Dev Days Graz",…

[Translate to Englich:] Diskoromantik_Videoshooting

Diskoromantik Video...

The guys from the Viennese band Diskoromantik came to our studio to record the music video for their…

[Translate to Englich:] 1963_fender_vibroverb

1963 Fender Vibroverb ...

One of our proudest pieces in our collection of vintage instruments: an original Fender Vibroverb…

[Translate to Englich:] voice-over-recordings-with-twitch-streamer

Voice-Over Recordings...

Last week we did two days of voice recordings with the lovely pro-gaming Twitch-streamer and…

[Translate to Englich:] Steve_Aho_Drum_Recording

Drumrecording mit Steve...

We had the pleasure to work with Steve Aho in the studio and to record drums for a movie score. Hope…

[Translate to Englich:] Metal Percussion Recording

Metal Percussion...

No, our neighbours did not accidentally dump their scrap metal into our studio!

We recorded some…

[Translate to Englich:] alex-deutsch-oliver-steger-recording-session

Alex Deutsch / Oliver...

We had a nice recording session to 8-channel tape with Alexander Deutsch and Oliver Steger (drums…

[Translate to Englich:] bad_gear_boss_metal_zone

Bad Gear: Boss Metal...

Florian Pilz, Audio-influencer and head of the YouTube channel audio.pilz (better known as "Bad…

new absorbers  2

New Absorbers/Diffusers ...

After a lot of woodworking, the 24 slatted absorbers for our big recording room are finished! These…




Recordings are possible in all variations: from "full house" recordings with use of all studio rooms to simple vocal overdub sessions in control room B. All areas are interconnected and can be joined flexibly. A fully analog 16-bus personal monitoring system makes it easy for musicians to achieve the best possible performance. We offer a collection of classic and legendary microphones, preamps and effects.


Analog mixes still differ from digital mixing in the computer, in terms of both sound aesthetic and workflow. Apart from the unrivaled organic and spatial sound of its effects, analog mixing also adds a haptic component to the process, as opposed to the digital process, which only takes place virtually on the screen. Fader riding and adjustments happen during mixing and ‘live’.


We put the finishing touches on your mix. High-end converters, first-class monitoring and acoustics, as well as the selection of equipment ensure an optimization of the effect and emotional appeal of your production. Naturally, we take all technical aspects such as dynamics, frequency response, loudness and translation to the appropriate media and end devices into account.

Make music for welove.audio



With our innovative open source welove.audio engine we make adaptive audio technology available for everyone - a system for production, integration and control of adaptive music in applications and games. We offer you the direct digitization of your music for welove.audio and, with it, a big plus for the marketing of your work.

Spirit & Atmosphere

We can offer the ‘Saloon’: a 65 sqm recording room with adaptive acoustics, Yamaha grand piano and additional instruments. Our additional 18 sqm daylight recording booth is optimized for drums, percussion, amps and solo instruments. The richly equipped Control Room A features a Trident 80 console and Control Room B is ideal for smaller or digital productions. The very peaceful and acoustically-tuned rooms have insulated walls and double windows with 2 cm soundproof glass and custom acrylic reflectors - for excellent acoustics in full daylight.


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steve aho

"I first recorded at Green Lobster when I was hired to record a large number of drum and percussion cues for a Hollywood film session. As soon as I got the call I knew this would be the perfect room to do the project. There are few facilities in Europe that possess such an abundance of extremely high-quality (and well-maintained!) equipment, vast technical know-how, superb musicality and careful attention to every detail. Add to that a relaxed vibe and super friendly team! Superb!"

Steve Aho / Worked for John Williams, Paul Simon, Santana,...


Very pleasant amosphere and highly professional work!
We were looking for a recording studio for our CD for a long time: Richard and his team then read our sonic wishes from our ears and were constructively available with advice & advice in all phases of the recording. The recording sessions were relaxed, time pressure is a foreign word at "GreenLobster". And in addition - Mannerschnitten according to desire and mood - with the next project gladly again!

Erich Oskar Hütter / Soloist unter Daniel Barenboim, Julien Salemkour and Alexei Korniekov

paul faerber

"High end studio run by enthusiasts! Professional but extremely friendly. The rooms sound fantastic and the amount and quality of analog equipment is just stunning!!! I and we will be happy to come back!!!"

Paul Färber /  Nekrodeus


"Many thanks to GreenLobster Recording Studios for the professional, uncomplicated cooperation. We were very pleased with the good quality of the concert recording!!!"

Chien-Ching Kuo / Konzertreihe Metamorphose