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Lynx Aurora(n) Converters

Big gear update: we invested in new high end converters and future mixes and recordings will be proudly made through Lynx Aurora(n) converters. This is a major upgrade, even to the industry-standard Digidesign 192/modded SSL combination we've used so far. Lynx Aurora are used by the most demanding facilities and engineers, when natural sound and musical clarity are mandatory.

Famous customers using Lynx Aurora include Skywalker Sound, Dolby Institute, The Bunker Studio/Brooklyn, Stuart White (Beyoncé), NPR ("Tiny Desk"), Sear Sound NYC and many others.

Some hardfacts:

  • 32x32 analog
  • 24x24analog + 16x16 digital
  • 24 Bit / 192 kHz -Thunderbolt 3
  • integrated microSD Recorder
  • crystal clear, pristine, lush and musical sound
lynx aurora(n) converter
lynx aurora(n) converter
lynx aurora(n) converter