Green Lobster Recording Studios Telefunken U47

Telefunken U47

Are you looking for the richest and fullest sound to record your vocals? We got you covered: The…

[Translate to Englich:] Wurlitzer_Model_200A

Wurlitzer Model 200A

We are very happy to announce that we now have a Wurlitzer Model 200A electric piano in our studios!…

[Translate to Englich:] Vasilis_Nalbantis_Elispis_Quintett_recording_into_the_void

Full House Recording with Ellipsis Quintett

Last recording of 2021... We had an great week with a fullhouse recording and a video shoot in our…

[Translate to Englich:] lynx aurora(n) converter

Lynx Aurora(n) Converters

Big gear update: we invested in new high end converters and future mixes and recordings will be…

[Translate to Englich:] Yamaha C3

Yamaha C3 Grand Piano

We have replaced our beloved upright piano from Young Chang with a Yamaha C3 grand piano in…

[Translate to Englich:] neuer-studiotisch-in-regie-b

New Studio Desk in Regie B

Regie B now features a new large-scale custom studio desk from Curuxa Customs. A direct view into…

[Translate to Englich:] GDDG_dual_Stream

GDDG Dual Live Stream

Experimental and unique "Dual Stream" live experience following this year's "Game Dev Days Graz",…

[Translate to Englich:] Diskoromantik_Videoshooting

Diskoromantik Video Shooting

The guys from the Viennese band Diskoromantik came to our studio to record the music video for their…

[Translate to Englich:] 1963_fender_vibroverb

1963 Fender Vibroverb

One of our proudest pieces in our collection of vintage instruments: an original Fender Vibroverb…

[Translate to Englich:] voice-over-recordings-with-twitch-streamer

Voice-Over Recordings with Twitch Streamer

Last week we did two days of voice recordings with the lovely pro-gaming Twitch-streamer and…

[Translate to Englich:] Steve_Aho_Drum_Recording

Drumrecording mit Steve Aho

We had the pleasure to work with Steve Aho in the studio and to record drums for a movie score. Hope…

[Translate to Englich:] Metal Percussion Recording

Metal Percussion Recording

No, our neighbours did not accidentally dump their scrap metal into our studio!

We recorded some…

[Translate to Englich:] alex-deutsch-oliver-steger-recording-session

Alex Deutsch / Oliver Steger Recording Session

We had a nice recording session to 8-channel tape with Alexander Deutsch and Oliver Steger (drums…

[Translate to Englich:] bad_gear_boss_metal_zone

Bad Gear: Boss Metal Zone

Florian Pilz, Audio-influencer and head of the YouTube channel audio.pilz (better known as "Bad…

new absorbers  2

New Absorbers/Diffusers

After a lot of woodworking, the 24 slatted absorbers for our big recording room are finished! These…