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GDDG Dual Live Stream

Experimental and unique "Dual Stream" live experience following this year's "Game Dev Days Graz", Austria's largest online conference for game developers.

The jam session featured an analog modular synth MONSTER operated by (GreenLobster's Senior Developer) Martin Widmann, parallel to a set by a number of professional musicians from various genres. 

The "band" had never played or rehearsed in this constellation before. Everything was improvised.

About the "split stream" concept:

The idea was to hear and see one and the same musical performance from different perspectives: one from the point of view of the person operating the modular synthesizer (Control Room B), the other from the point of view of a producer sitting in front of the main console (Control Room A) and having access to all signals and cameras. 

The technical solution:

The Green Lobster Studio is powered by a 36-channel Trident 80 console, which recorded all instruments during the session.

A custom submix system combines all channels into 16 instrument group channels, such as "Drum Bus," "Piano," "Modular Synth A/B/C," etc., which are distributed to each room via balanced connections. This allows every musician in every playing position to create a clean, latency-free and individual mix, set priorities differently, mute parts and instruments, etc.

Feel encouraged to switch between the two videos/mixes!

(and we'll replace the broken "go pro" camera with something that actually works for streams).

Stream from Control Room A:  Game Dev Days Graz – GreenLobster Studios/After Hour Show: Control Room A)

Stream from Control Room B:  Game Dev Days Graz – GreenLobster Studios/After Hour Show: Control Room B)


  • Modularer Synthesizer: Martin Widmann
  • Schlagzeug, Klavier: Steve Aho
  • Gitarre: Robin Wade
  • Rhodes, Hammond: Dieter Tschermernig
  • Schlagzeug, Mischung, Produktion und Konzept: Richard Tretzel
  • Audio, Video, Beleuchtung: Simon Schwärzer, Andreas Steffek, Ivan Modric
  • Organisation, Betreuung und Chili sin Carne: Eva Fasolt